Team Building Ideas

Macao is among the most vibrant cities in Asia, it has been a meeting point for Eastern and Western cultures for centuries. A diverse range of team building activities are developed under the cultural melting pot, which is one of the many ways in experiencing this unique culture.



After a day full of meetings, delegates might want to take a break from the hustle and bustle. Hiking has become one of the most popular activities. It is healthy and it allows delegates to explore the other side of the city. There are 16 hiking trails in Macao.




Located next to Caesars Golf and near Seac Pai Van Park, the Coloane Karting Track covers 50,000 square metres. It is one of the most challenging karting tracks in Asia, the only permanent track available in Macao and Hong Kong and is certified for Class-B safety facilities. Delegates can get a taste of being a kart racer and enjoy the speed and excitement in the game.
For information of Coloane Karting Track, please visit:[activitys_list][]=10



There are two golf courses in Macao: Macau Golf & Country Club and Caesars Golf Macau
Macao Golf & Country Club is located on the south side of Coloane next to the Grand Coloane Resort Macau. It is private club and is one of the most beautiful golf course in Asia. Club facilities include sauna rooms, club specialty store, bar and restaurant.
Macau Golf & Country Club
Telephone: +853 2887 1188

Caesars Golf Macau is located next to the Coloane Karting Track at the southern end of Cotai District. It is an internationally standardized 18-hole golf course and is the only the only semi-private golf course open to both members and public in Macao. The golf course facilities include restaurant, club specialty store, wedding venue, it also provide golf training courses.
Caesars Golf Macau
Telephone: +853 2888 0123


Bowling and Ice Skating

Bowling and ice skating are also among the most popular activities as they are fun and can help building team. These indoor activities also spare participants from being affected by weather.

Future Bright Amusement Park (bowling and ice skating)
Telephone: +853 2895 3399

Bowling Centre in Cotai
Telephone: +853 2886 5017


Tower Climb, Bungy Jump, Skyjump and Skywalk

For those who love challenges and excitement, the following activities will for sure give you thrills and memorable moments!

Bungy Jump – Macau Tower has the world’s highest bungy jump. Jumping from a platform 233 metres above the ground with a speed of 200 miles per hour, participants will experience free fall for four to five seconds.

Skyjump – different from bungy jump, participants they will jump in a standing position and will steadily descent at a speed of 75 miles per hour without experiencing free fall or rebound.

Skywalk – participants can walk around the tower on a platform 233 metres above the ground without handrail.

Tower Climb – starting from 238 metres above the ground, participants will climb 100 metres to the top of the 338-metre-high tower, which guarantees the maximum height exposure and the best panoramic views of the city.

Macau Tower
Telephone: +853 8988 8656


Traditional Pastry Workshop

To get to know the culture of a place, one must try the local cuisine, and learning how to cook the local cuisine can tell even more about the place. Traditional pastry workshop is one of the most popular team building activities in recent years. Instruct by skilled pastry chefs, participants will not only learn the recipe, but will also learn how to work well with their fellows throughout the workshop.



Lion Dance / Dragon Dance

Lion dance and dragon dance are traditional Chinese custom for celebration. It is believed that the dance can bring victory and prosperity. Whenever there is event or festival, lion dance or dragon dance are usually chosen as part of the performance.
Members of a lion or dragon dance team need to work closely with each other to make it happen nicely, which makes learning how to perform lion and dragon dance a good team building activity.  


Treasure Hunt

In this game, participants are divided into small groups. Through completing a series of simple tasks or clues, participants are taken to the streets and alleys of Macao to explore the heritage sites. They can experience the unique culture of Macao while completing the “mission”.
Treasure hunt can be customised and routes can be set according to the event organisers’ requirements. Other than exploring local attractions, customised routes can also take the participants to try the local street food or can be set according to the season.


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