MICE Training Calendar

Category Programme Name Date (2024)
Certified Professional Programmes Certified in Exhibition Management (CEM CHINA) Part 1:Sept 9 – 13
Part 2:2025(TBC)
UFI- Venue Management School Programme (UFI-VMS) June 3-5
UFI-Exhibition Management School
Programme (UFI-EMS)
Sept 9 – 11
ICCASkills(CICS) Sept 3 – 5

Category Programme Name Date (2024)
Webinars Join & Win: The Importance of International MICE Associations Jan 26
Unleashing the Potential: The Power of Research in Winning
International Association Business
Apr 17

Category Programme Name Date (2024)
Workshops ICCA Certified Conference Bidding Strategy Mar 18
Workshop on Customs Clearance and Declaration for Exhibitions Mar 26
Carbon Emission and Practice in Exhibition Activities Mar 30

Category Programme Name Date (2024)
Lectures Occupational Health and Safety Lecture for Exhibition Construction Personnel Mar 21
Jun 7
Oct (TBC)