ICRS 2018 – 14th World Congress Macau Society (ICRS-China)

Event Name:  ICRS 2018 – 14th World Congress Macau Society (ICRS-China)
Venue:  Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel
Date: 10-12 April 2018
Interviewee:  Mr. Ao Yingfang, Chairman of China, Division of International Cartilage, Repair


The International Cartilage Repair Society (ICRS) is a global academic organisation dedicated to the international research on joint and cartilage injury, early Osteoarthritis, clinical translation and treatment. As one of the most influential authorities in the field of international cartilage injury, the organisation is leading in related international academic research. Thousands of
international experts and scholars gathered in Macao to enjoy this academic feast that provided a great platform to demonstrate the level of professional and technological development, and a chance for the world to understand more about Macao.

The ICRS has an objective to organise academic activities in the five continents in turn. The previous edition was held in Italy, Europe. This year it was time for Asia, and Macao was chosen for several reasons. Strong government support is Mr Ao’s first reason, “IPIM’s strong support for organising large convention in Macao, which includes the policy and financial support is very encouraging for international convention. We don’t see similar incentives in other regions.” The comprehensive One-stop Service helps meet the needs of delegates who come from all parts of the world. Secondly, Macao’s unique characteristics, culture and cuisines provide a good chance for foreign guests to experience the diverse culture of Macao. Thirdly, Macao is a convenient destination for international travel.

Although there aren’t many academic associations related to cartilage profession in Macao, the event received support from a local medical association led by Professor Dr Cheang who aided in facilitating the traveling procedures. The exhibitor recruitment for this event was handled by a Macao company.


Mr Ao believes that academic events are totally different from trade fairs where products can gain quick access to markets, but it brings immeasurable academic value to Macao’s academic and medical development. It is also a great publicity generator for the host destination, “The influence of an event does not simply end on its last day, because every attendee will be a moving advertisement for Macao after returning to their home city. I think this will be much more effective than other promotion approaches.”


As for the venue, Mr. Ao gave great praise: “Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel has internationally outstanding hardware and software facilities that can satisfy even the most demanding international academic conventions. During the event, the venue accommodated our catering requirements very well, meeting the varied needs of attendees”


Mr Ao further shared a Chinese saying: “Details determine success or failure. The quality of Macao’s services was evident in the attention to detail. The thoughtful and inclusive services allowed for all guests to experience and China’s true spirit and culture”