Exhibition at the “Macao SME Pavilion” Is Nearly Two Times Oversubscribed The 27th MIF Facilitates SMEs’ Upgrading and Transformation through Various Measures

The exhibitor applications for the Macao SME Pavilion at the 27th Macao International Trade and Investment Fair (27th MIF), which is organised by the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM), have been completed. The number of booths at the Pavilion has increased from 80 to 160 compared with the previous edition. 292 enterprises applied to exhibit at the pavilion, marking an oversubscription of nearly two times.

To implement “industry + MICE” cross-sectorial collaboration and facilitate the recovery of industries, the 27th MIF increases the number of booths for SMEs, reduces exhibitors’ participation fees, organises training workshops, and further discovers enterprises’ needs before the event to provide precise and efficient business matching, and sets up the Macao SME Pavilion assisting enterprises in exploring opportunities for development, transformation, and starting up businesses.

Helping SMEs in finding a way out with e-commerce through workshops before the event

Two workshops on “Macao SMEs Upgrading and Transformation” is hosted at the 27th MIF via both online and offline channels on 18 August and 1 September. Under the theme of “live-streaming e-commerce”, industry experts are invited to share the latest information on industry development trends, basic operation techniques and so on. The workshops aim to gear Macao SMEs up before the event to enable them to utilise online exhibition and live streaming in a bid to expand their product promotion and sales channels, and further enhance the enterprises’ technical quality.

The first workshop attracted a total of 141 representatives from Macao SMEs both online and offline. The second workshop will be held on 1 September at the Complex of Commerce and Trade Co-operation Platform for China and Portuguese-speaking Countries. Interested parties are welcome to submit an application on the official website www.mif.com.mo.

Supporting SMEs with various measures and facilitate industries’ recovery through the event

In order to help exhibitors better seize business opportunities, this year’s MIF will enhance pre-event communication and matching services to assist SMEs in targeting the focus areas for business matching, getting ready in advance and meeting with potential buyers, with an aim to provide precise and efficient business matching. In addition, the SME Consultation Zone will be set up at the event venue with experts and representatives in different fields offering SMEs advice on sales channels, branding and marketing, resource matching and different aspects, to help traders achieve better results in the event through multiple channels.

The 27th MIF will be held from 20 to 22 October 2022 at Cotai Expo, The Venetian Macao. For the latest information, please subscribe to “MICE_IPIM” on WeChat, or visit the official website: www.mif.com.mo. For enquiries, please contact the MIF Coordinator on (853) 2882 8711 or email info@mif.com.mo.

The Macao SME Pavilion with 160 booths has attracted 292 enterprises to apply for exhibition
The 27th MIF hosts a workshop on “Macao SMEs Upgrading and Transformation” via both online and offline channels on 18 August
The first workshop attracts a total of 141 representatives from Macao SMEs both online and offline 04. The second workshop will be