“Multi-venue Event” Example

1st China (Macau) High-quality Consumption Exhibition & Hengqin Global Bay Areas Forum

Event: 1st China (Macau) High-quality Consumption Exhibition & Hengqin Global Bay Areas Forum
Date: 30 November to 4 December 2022
Event size: 58,000 square metres of exhibition area
Venue: Hyatt Regency Hengqin (for convention), Cotai Expo of The Venetian Macao and Shoppes at Four Seasons (for exhibition)
Organiser: Nam Kwong (Group) Company Limited
Interviewee: , Deputy General Manager of Nam Kwong (Group) Company Limited and President of the Macao Convention & Exhibition Association, Song Xiaodong


1. Could you please give a brief account of this event? What is its purpose and scale?

A: The China (Macau) High-quality Consumption Exhibition (CHCE) & Hengqin Global Bay Areas Forum is held with the aim of supporting the development of the Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Co-operation Zone in Hengqin in accordance with the requirements in the Master Plan of the Development of the Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Co-operation Zone in Hengqin that “Guangdong and Macao [should] hold an international premium consumer goods expo cum a world bay area forum; and establish a convention and exhibition platform with influence across the globe. ” With the strong support of relevant organisations, the first CHCE invited 172 exhibitors from dozens of countries and regions. A total of over 220 world-renowned brands participated in the CHCE, which covered an area of 58,000 square metres. There were five themed exhibition areas, including “State-owned Enterprise Brand Exhibition Area”, “Provinces, Cities and Districts Exhibition Area”, “Health Service Exhibition Area”, “Quality Life Exhibition Area”, and “Quality Consumption Exhibition Area”. The event injected new impetus and provided new opportunities to accelerate the development of the trading centre for high-quality imported consumer goods.


2. What are the highlights of this event?

A: First, the CHCE is the first event organised by Hengqin and Macao under the innovative “multi-venue event” pattern. It enabled the consumption of world-famous duty-free products whilst assisting Chinese brands in expanding their presence in overseas markets such as Portuguese-speaking countries. It also invited over a hundred well-known brands from across China to showcase featured gems and scientific achievements. Second, under the aegis of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, Nam Kwong appeared with more than 20 state-owned enterprises, including Kweichow Moutai and Beijing Tong Ren Tang. Third, the Hengqin Global Bay Areas Forum invited renowned scholars and businesspeople from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the New York Bay Area, and the San Francisco Bay Area to deliver keynote speeches and participate in seminars. They were also encouraged to offer their advice to facilitate Macao’s diversified industrial development and develop a world-class bay area and city cluster, fully demonstrating its academic and commercial value.


3. Why was the CHCE held under the “multi-venue event” pattern?

A: In addition to opening the CHCE up to the rest of the world via Macao, the “multi-venue event” pattern can also tap into the massive consumer population and market edges in Guangdong, leverage the dual dividends from the GBA and the free trade zone, and connect the advantages of Guangdong-Macao integrated development with Macao’s role as a service platform for the commercial and trade co-operation between China and PSCs. In this way, the CHCE can function as a platform for different market players to exchange ideas on international business promotion and brand building, create opportunities for co-operation and boost the momentum for economic growth.


4. Did you encounter any challenges when organising this event? If so how did you overcome them?

To start with, as the CHCE was an innovative exhibition held for the first time, we inevitably ran into new issues regarding the travel of individuals and customs clearance of goods during the preparation. IPIM and the Economic Development Bureau of Hengqin, among other authorities, provided active assistance in relevant arrangements and, therefore, created a fertile ground for this multi-venue event to go smoothly.  Second, some exhibitors couldn’t make it to Hengqin or Macao due to the changing COVID restrictions right before the event. These exhibitors managed to participate in the event via other approaches, including by proxy, after our close co-ordination.


5. Were there any tours arranged during the event? What do you think left a deep impression on you/the attendants?

A: An “immersive” consumption exhibition area was created by the CHCE. Under the meticulous planning of Sands China Ltd., one of the co-ordinators of the CHCE, Cotai Expo joined hands with Shoppes at Four Seasons to launch an array of exciting activities, including shopping rebates, in-store fashion shows, make-up displays, and new product previews, in the first-ever immersive consumer exhibition area at the CHCE, fully leveraging the unique advantages of Macao’s high-quality integrated resorts. As such, guests from China and abroad could appreciate and purchase jewellery, watches, and cosmetic products, among other duty-free products from all over the world, during the exhibition. It left a deep impression on the guests.


6. What is your take on Macao and Hengqin as the venues for conventions and exhibitions?

A: Macao’s unique history and culture have fostered its distinctive image featuring the fusion of the East and the West. The long-term close ties with European and Portuguese-speaking countries have also made Macao an important bridge for trade and commerce between China and the Western world. At present, Hengqin is pioneering in many fields, such as cross-border financial management and market access. Holding MICE events in Macao and Hengqin simultaneously can get the best of both worlds and generate industrial opportunities, which is an advantage unique to these two places.


7. As the organiser of the event, what do you think are the benefits of holding the event in two places? Will you extend this pattern to other events in the future?

A: The “multi-venue event” cross-border co-operation pattern enables event organisers to fully utilise the supporting resources in both places and also boosts industrial co-operation and economic development of both places. In 2023, Nam Kwong will continue to work with the Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce and the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province to organise the 2nd China (Macau) High-quality Consumption Exhibition & Hengqin Global Bay Areas Forum from 13 to 17 December in Hengqin and Macao.