IPIM launches a number of measures for the second half of the year to improve the linkage efficiency of the MICE industry

To promote the orderly recovery of MICE activities in Macao under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) recently held several work meetings with representatives of five MICE industry associations, both online and offline. 

Both sides had in-depth discussions on coordinating various events and activities in the second half of the year, trying to extend the stay of merchants, enhancing the driving effect of the MICE industry and helping the recovery of related industries, with the aim of gathering wisdom of the community and working together to promote the recovery of MICE industry in Macao.

Promote local advantages through linkage of MICE 

At the meetings, IPIM Executive Director Vincent U indicated that in the coming six months, IPIM will actively implement a suite of measures to boost the recovery of MICE and other peripheral industries.

These measures mainly cover 7 aspects:

  1. Organise the MICE industry operators and local enterprises to participate in more than 20 economic and trade fairs in various cities in the Mainland and Macao.Through these activities, promote the advantages of MICE industry in Macao, encourage the local industry to contact more potential customers and actively attract suitable large, medium and small-scale MICE activities to be held in Macao.In combination with other major events and activities held concurrently in the second half of the year, extend the stay time of merchants and enhance the driving effect of the MICE industry.
  2. Launch the guidelines on epidemic prevention applicable to MICE activities.
  3. Under the premise of strict compliance with the epidemic prevention guidelines, prepare for a number of local brand exhibition activities hosted/undertaken by IPIM and strive not to cancel the scheduled activities, postponing them if necessary.
  4. Strengthen support for small and medium-sized enterprises, for example, the number of booths for small and medium-sized enterprises will be doubled at the 27th Macao International Trade and Investment Fair (MIF).
  5. Revise the funding program regulations in the field of MICE in accordance with the needs of the industry.
  6. Continuously provide MICE training for practitioners to enhance their competitiveness.
  7. Establish a communication mechanism with relevant departments of Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin, formulate policies for mutual support in the development of MICE industry and promote the further development of MICE industry in both places.

Discussing the development with MICE industry members, full of confidence in the prospects

Representatives pointed out that COVID-19 has had an obvious impact on many industries, and hoped that strong impetus can be injected into the MICE recovery through measures such as consolidating the MICE alliance between Macao and Hengqin, optimising the MICE funding scheme, upskilling MICE professionals, standardising the anti-epidemic guidelines for MICE events, introducing small and medium-sized MICE events, and deepening the “industry + MICE” cross-sector integration.

The participants agreed with the measures launched by IPIM for the second half of the year, and expressed great confidence in the future of the MICE industry in Macao and pledged to continue to cooperate with the government to boost momentum.

The meetings were attended by Song Xiaodong, President, and Poon Yiu Wing, Director General of the Macao Convention & Exhibition Association; Lam Chong In, President, and Sam Wei Nei, Supervisory Committee Chairperson of Macao Fair & Trade Association; Edmund Wong, Chairman, and Chung Ching Yee, President of Executive Board of the Association of Advertising Agents of Macau; Osborn Lou, President, and Che Fok Sang, Director General of the Macau Federal Commercial Association of Convention & Exhibition Industry; Alan Ho, President, and Ho Chak Meng, Director General of the Macao Association of Convention, Exhibition & Tourism Sectors.

IPIM launches a number of measures for the second half of the year to improve the linkage efficiency of the MICE industry