Various large MICE events follow close upon another Stimulating tourism and economy in Macao

Over 15 MICE events with an estimated attendance of over 100,000 will take place in Macao, leveraging the effect of "Tourism + MICE" to boost the community economy.

IIICF, GMBPF and the 1st event for “murder mystery game” to take place in Macao

In the coming June and July, the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) will organise and follow-up various grand MICE events, including the “13th International Infrastructure Investment and Construction Forum (IIICF)”, “2022 Guangdong & Macao Branded Products Fair (GMBPF)” as well as a specific MICE event for the “murder mystery game”, which is very popular in the Mainland and first held in Macao.

Other coming MICE events cover a wide range of areas including information technology, big health industry, tourism, culture, arts, business and trade.

"Tourism + MICE" bringing business guests to the local community

During the events, IPIM will arrange exhibitors and trade visitors to experience the unique culture of Macao by visiting the shops in the local community.

In addition, with other events and activities organised in the same period, the advantages of "Tourism + MICE" will be thereby well leveraged to stimulate the peripheral industries such as retail, catering and hotel industries, boosting the community economy.

Complying strictly with pandemic prevention guidelines

IPIM will continue to closely monitor the latest situation of the pandemic and maintain close contact with the event organisers concerned.

IPIM has taken reference from the anti-epidemic measures of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) and the epidemic prevention guidelines of Macao Health Bureau, and will strictly enforcing the epidemic prevention measures during the events and community tours.

All visitors and participants entering the venue are required to undergo a temperature check, present the “Macao Health Code”, scan the venue’s QR code and wear a mask.

IPIM continues to facilitate various types of MICE events to take place in Macao
IPIM continues to facilitate various types of MICE events to take place in Macao
Events for the “murder mystery game” are very popular in the Mainland in recent years
“2022 Guangdong & Macao Branded Products Fair” will be held from 29 to 31 July
MICE guests experience Macao's unique local culture
MICE guests participate in concurrent MICE events and activities
MICE guests go into the community and boost local consumption